Monday, February 20, 2006

I can not recommend going to to see New York Doll enough. Thanks to the commentator that suggested the rockumentary film series. The movie will be playing here in town through Wednesday and I think it will also be on DVD fairly soon. While the film has some flaws its strengths far outweigh the negatives. I was never a big NY Dolls fan considering they broke up when I was around 7 but did I listen to some of their things and some of Johnny Thunder's post-Dolls projects and the Dolls influence on many bands in the '80s is undisputed. I don't want to spoil anything so if you want more info click on the poster. But you are better off seeing it cold.

We watched this film before going to see Wilco front man, Jeff Tweedy. It was an awesome solo set with some encore assistance from the band's drummer, Glen Kotche, who also opened up with a solo set. While Kotche is obviously talented (his set sounded like a cross between Mike Oldfield and Olatunji) and was interesting for about 15 minutes, I started feeling like it would have made a nice soundtrack instead of a stand alone thing. The Tweedy show was incredible and I hope this shows up on the internet sites for download sometime soon. As always his crowd banter was amusing and he played songs from full spectrum Uncle Tupelo, Woody Guthrie stuff etc... The crowd was incredibly well behaved probably, as was noted by Tweedy, due to the lack of alcohol available. Still definitely one of the better shows I have seen.

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