Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tall Buildings Shake, Voices Escape, Singing Sad, Sad Songs

S. captured this on cell phone from water taxi between Navy Pier and Sears Tower.
(The building will forver be known to me as The Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Building or The Wilco Building due to album cover)

Chaotic week involving co-opting existing plans to go to the above show in Chicago with a trip back to home. Eastern trip postponed until later this summer as it was not as pressing a need as first thought and can wait. Another twist at work is sending me back to Columbus this week. Will try to update from there.

P.S. The Drive By Truckers show flat out rocked. Upwards of 2 1/2 hours with minimal encore break. Closed out the show with an amazing cover of Jim Carrol's People Who Died.


scruffylooking said...

Okay, now I'm jealous. Your girlie took a way cool pic.

scruffylooking said...

I was jealous that you went to Chicago and saw the Drive By Truckers, not that S took a way cool pic. Was that clear?

dolittle said...


I ain't been writin cause you ain't been around. What's going on? A trip home that's not as pressing as first thought? Hope all is well.


Dexter said...

All is well.