Friday, September 29, 2006


What a weekend. ESPN is in town for the Ohio State game and I think the game related traffic congestion has already started on N. Dodge, aided by the interminable road improvment projects. Tonight we are going to see Calexico at The Englert Theatre in downtown Iowa City which should be awash in drunks by the end of the show. I am expecting a good concert although I do think the audience is diminished a bit when everyone is seated like they were at a performance of "Idomeneo". I rememeber seeing a Bob Mould show at Berklee School of Music in Boston with similar seating arrangements and it felt a bit odd. Needed a least a mosh pit near stage to mill around holding onto a pint.

Since Calexico does have a horn section maybe the Beer Band will join in for one of the encores to root on the Hawkeyes in their game against the formidable Ohio State tomorrow night. I think out of town would be the safest place to be before, during , and after the game but we may venture down to friend's RV for a little tailgating. Have a good weekend and enjoy the video for "Cruel" off the most recent Calexico album Garden Ruin. Or do yourself a big favor and pick up a copy of their 2003 release Feast of Wire. Not Even Stevie Nicks could resist. More mp3s here. And here. Complete live shows here from


scruffylooking said...

Man, I wish I had money to see Calexico. Sigh.

I think it's weird too when they have a band like Calexico play a venue where you can't dance to them. I hope it was a great show anyway.

Dexter said...

Next time you have to go, they were pretty reasonable ($20) from Calexico website for decent seats. It was the 5 bucks for a glass of West Branch wine that I would quibble with. It was a good show but more of a polite crowd and only at very hand did people make there way to front of stage...Opening band I had never heard of, Oakley Hall,are well worth checking out.

miss do said...


Did I go to that Bob Mould show with you??


Dexter said...

I think so but am not sure. There was also another one at the Paradise Club with Nice Guy Eddie and his wife and you might have gone to that one. As well as a Northampton show and a Providence a few times. And Yes I might have been a bit obsessive and catching every show in driving distance.