Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I added this site back to list of blogs (that word still grates). If I recall it was Ondine who first clued me into this site. I was catching up on the archives and there was a post about a short film clip which incorporates some of the graphs and charts. It is pretty cool. Although the narrator sounds like Werner Herzog from Grizzly Man and I keep excepting to see an animated graph about one's proximity to starving bears and the likelihood of being eaten. I think there is a correlation but I am no mathematician. The site for film is here. A direct link to movie is here. You need Quicktime/Itunes to run it.


El Duderino said...

What a brilliant concept, it approaches the Far Side in it's ability to get across ideas using simple forms and limited text.

Dexter said...

I like the one in the video where it has expected career path vs. actual career path and the difference between the two is the reason we drink.