Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random Sightings

This was taken in the parking lot of my third hotel in Duluth, Georgia. Due to my late arrival from Dallas because of cancelled or delayed flights and continued bad weather they gave my room away the first night in town. Then due to a co-worker's 'help' making new reservations that ended up erasing my original confirmed stay, I was forced to leave the second hotel early. My room in this last place smelled like it had been underwater until just before I checked in. Unfortunately there were no Carrie Underwood sightings by the pool to make up for it.

My feet on the trail map in the Stone Mountain visitors center. There was a small geological museum that had some interesting history on the formation of Stone Mountain and about monadnock type mountains in general. They were was also showing a short film about the battle for Atlanta and Sherman's march to the sea. I won't say it was completely biased towards the South but it was carefully phrased. "They fought bravely but were outnumbered..." being the primary mantra.

I am still not sure what this means or why you would want your child to wear it.

The sign is an outright lie. The only thing that lay ahead was traffic of the non-calming variety. And lots of it. Atlanta has to be up there with Houston and Phoenix as one of the worst cities for rush hour traffic with rush hour lasting up to 15 hours.


Churlita said...

Nice pics.

It sounds like driving in Atlanta would make me very nervous.

Dexter said...

Most of our time was in the suburbs and it was bad enough to discourage ventures downtown after work etc...Weekend escape was possible.

dolittle said...

And I was all ready for you to explain that T-shirt to me! The worst traffic I've experienced is definitely L.A. - though Boston areas no picnic