Tuesday, January 27, 2009

photo ©2009 sharad haksar (from File Magazine)

I seem to be ignoring the blog because of facebook. I will make more of an effort here. Still reading all the Lippman and Hiaasen books I can get from public library at the moment although sidetracked by the book about the circus fire I found on discard shelf. This is probably funniest commercial I have seen in a while. (Warning: Animal balloon sex is involved.) Enjoy the new Neko single from Paste Magazine sampler. Record is due out March 1st.

Neko Case- People Got A Lotta Nerve


Churlita said...

FAcebook has been sucking too much of my time as well. It's crazy how many people I know are on it, and weird to have people "friend" me who I forgot even existed.

Dexter said...

People from high school keep popping up every day it seems.