Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nouvelle Cuisine

photo ©2009 geoff stamp (from File)

I was browsing the new poetry shelf at library and found a few worth taking a deeper look at. One was Denise Duhamel's most recent, Ka-Ching!, and a book on how to write poetry, Ordinary Genius by another favorite poet of mine, Kim Addonizio. The third was a collection of recent poems from Tin House literary magazine. I hope to keep this blog a little bit more up to date and will post a few of the poems I like as I come across them..

For local Iowa City denizens there there should be a good turnout at Kandy Land tomorrow (Fri) night for several local bands including Liberty Leg. See you there.


Churlita said...

I have that wedding to go to, so I probably won't make it.

I like Tin House. One of my old fiction writing TA's had a story published in there once, so I picked it up.

Dexter said...

Its good. Of course now I will have to buy my own copy of this.