Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"It was Christmas Eve in the drunk tank..."

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. From the Pogues, it's a duet between Shane McGowan and Kirsty MacColl. The single is being re-released this month to benefit a fund called Justice For Kirsty Campaign as she was killed five years ago in a boating accident while on vacation in Mexcio. Apparently her family has not been satisified with the investigation. There are more details on the Pogues site: In the Wake of the Medusa. The song takes its name from the underappeciated Irish writer J.P. Donleavy whose novel, A Fairytale of New York begins with Irish-American Cornelius Christian's return to NewYork City with the body of his wife who died on the voyage over. Hilarity ensues. The Gingerman is probably his most well known and Schultz is another one one of his farces that I enjoyed. All of this introduction is in order to showcase a music site that I found a few months ago and then lost and found again, Chromewaves.

Chromewaves Dot Net is one of the best musical blogs around I have managed to find and finally bookmark for keeps. The mp3 of the week is the Stars version of the above mentioned Fairy Tale of New York. The blog is often filled with mp3s of current releases or live shows. The year in review attaches a full mp3 to each selection.

UPDATE: Pogues have reunited with lead singer Shane McGowan and are touring US (east coast). There is a Boston show in March for those of you close to Beantown.


El Duderino said...

No Use For A Name has a serviceable cover of Fairy Tale of NY with Cinder Block singing the female part. For years I labored under the misconception that the title to the song referenced Mike Piazza. Imagine my embarrassment.

scruffylooking said...

Oh The Pogues - just the thought of them makes me want to get drunk and start fucking shit up.

I first got into them when I dated an exchange student from Ireland in college. He ended up being an asshole, but at least he introduced me to The Pogues so it wasn't all bad.

Anonymous said...


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