Monday, August 14, 2006

Moon Over Parador

Picture if you will a beautifully orange tinted moon, nearly full, hovering over and reflecting upon the gently flowing Cedar River on a cool, breezy, summer night. That is what I attempted to capture. The results, as you can see, are somewhat less than described. I need to get a real camera.

My ex-neighbors invited us down to their cabin near Atalissa and it was relaxing chilling out by a fire near the water. They grilled some steaks, intially there were five, but due to a deft and hungry Great Pyrenees, only three made it to the grill. The dog had wolfed down the first two and was starting on a third when he knocked over the plate and alerted us to the theft in progess. Good times.

Last night we saw David Zollo at the Tuscan Moon in Kalona. The food was a little dissapointing, more for the price and selection but it was good. Not sure of I would be in a hurry to try it again though.


scruffylooking said...

Was that moon on Friday night? I was with a bunch of people when I saw it and pointed it out. We were all calling it a bloody moon, then someone suggested calling it a cherry moon and it sounded so much more pleasant.

Dexter said...

Yes it was. we were also looking for the Perseids but I guess we were a day early or the fire was too much of a light pollutant. Farmer's Almanac calls this months full moon a Sturgeon Moon.... medieval was Corn Moon (but i think it meant wheat back then)