Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Music

Picked this up the other day and it sounds great. The fake names are gone this time around but the solid sound remains.

What is your Golden Smog name?
(Golden Smog's aliases were derived through the following formula: First Name = Middle Name, Last Name = Name of the street they grew up on). For example mine could be either Dexter Country Club or Dexter American Canyon (kind of lame actually). There are more here from an old contest when the previous album came out.

Some of the songs can be heard at their myspace page.

Older stuff still around here .


scruffylooking said...

Mine could be a million different things: Denise, Schiller, Denise Patricio, Denise E. Tenth, Denise Ridgeway, Denise Hut Road...take your pick.

Dexter said...

Denise Hut Road sounds like a drummer... perfect GOlden Smog name...aka Hot Rod.

scruffylooking said...

Yes, well. After they changed the names of all the rural roads for emergency 911 purposes, I think my name would go from Denise Hut Road to Denise 24156th Street.

dolittle said...

I'd be Frances Clearview - can't decide if that's kind of cool of if I sound like a HUGE dweeb!!


Anonymous said...

mine would be Ann Mokena, which is not as cool as my porn name which is Queenie Mokena (sub middle name for childhood pet)


Dexter said...

Porn names...

Pluto (American) Canyon might work

(other pet names not so sure about Skipper, Critter, Crew, Charlie...)