Saturday, August 18, 2007

"East bound and down..."

Tomorrow I am off to Albany and when work is done S. is joining me and we are heading to NYC and points east to visit friends and family. In the meantime enjoy this fun poem. (At first read I can see Keats, Coleridge, Blake, Dickinson, and Tennyson. The other allusions escape me for now.)

The Road to Help

A thong of beauty is a joy forever.
The panty’s over: it’s time to call it a lay.
The shadow of the come of pleasure
and naked singles of the world
are here, under the bush, with her hair.
For Hamlet and Lear are queer.

Myself am help. Shall I part my bare behind?
God bless the grind! I shall walk softly there.
The paths of Laurie lead but to the grove
Of coral babes and amber studs
with black belts in the marital arts.
Of his boners are coral made.

“Dope” is the thing with feathers.
The love of monkey is the root of all evil.
Was she a virgin or a waking dream?
“Deaf,” was all he answered.
‘Tis better to seek, to find, and now to yield
than never to have lust at all.

David Lehman
July/August 2007


Churlita said...

Have fun you tow. Loved the poem.

I'm also very glad that you used a Jerry Reed lyric from Smokey and the Bandit as your title - very happy.

Dexter said...

I remember my Dad and I going to see that movie when it first came out and buying the 45 single of the theme. Good times....