Friday, August 10, 2007

In the absence of cowbells, more cat pictures.

Iggy is a little broader in the beam than Hopper but he is working on it.

He is also a tad more aloof.

Hopper is now using this as a pillow instead of a cat toy by pulling the strands of yarn out with his teeth.

I am off to Lansing on Sunday and will post if given the chance. Caught up on some movies recently. Really enjoyed Peter O' Toole in Venus but I thought The Good German wasn't ummm....good and The Simpsons Movie was not too disappointing. Have a resplendent weekend.


Churlita said...

You too.

Your cats are really getting some girth to them.

dolittle said...

Maybe after degrees visits New England he can post some pictures of my cats and you people can see what cat girth REALLY looks like.


Ondine said...

I didn't like the Good German either, although I just came across "We Don't Live Here Anymore" which turned out to be surprisingly good. Did you see Sweetland?

Dexter said...

Have not seen either of those will have to check them out. The GOod German had some weird narrative shifts and seemed to concentrate on tone and look in favor of plot and substance. Give me The Third Man for post WWII noir.