Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"...Between the moon and NYC..."

I think this is near the 200 block of 8th Ave.

After we checked into the Chelsea and dropped off our bags we went for a stroll around the neighborhood. We were a little hot and thirsty so I picked the first joint that looked like it had room to sit at the bar. Turned out to be very gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) with a 2 for 1 drink special and good tunes. So we stuck around and enjoyed the air conditioning. On our 3rd or 4th drink they started passing out cards for Drag Queen Puppet Bingo. Naturally S. won the first game and the photo above is her collecting her coupon for a Bacardi Peach drink from the puppet MC that was a dead ringer for Madame. I was a little fuzzy and couldn't hold the camera still as usual. It didn't help that S. was hiding behind a fake palm tree to avoid being photographed.

Post bingo stroll towards dinner with my eyes apparently shut. We had a very good and comparatively cheap Thai meal at a place called Spice. Drinks were redundant at this point but I had the Mojito Sake Kamikaze and S. soldiered on and armed herself with a Sake Bomb. Our plans to get up early the next morning and catch a museum did not pan out for some reason. Instead we had some great bagels at Murray's and then off to Grand Central and points east.


Churlita said...

You guys look so sixties in those blurry shots. I feel like we should be in a club in the Filmore somewhere, man.

dolittle said...

Ya know - you really DO look caught between the moon and New York City in that shot!

Dexter said...

Just a wee bit into the wind.

Kevin From Ohio said...

I just missed you in NYC. I was there 8/31-9/4.

Dexter said... was that military hotel?

Kevin From Ohio said...

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the military hotel did not work out. So, we stayed at the Westside YMCA on W. 63rd St. It was a no frills joint and it was dirt cheap.