Friday, September 21, 2007

"He looked like a dictator on the point of starting a purge."

This is a picture I took last week when I was driving around aimlessly. It appears that the place is no longer a diner but seems to be operating as a sports bar.

I am on P.G. Wodehouse kick at the moment, specifically the Blandings Castle novels. For me reading these are very relaxing, stress relief at its best. Christopher Buckley once said words to the effect that it is impossible to remain unhappy while reading Wodehouse even if you try. He can turn a phrase as very few can. Check out the random quote generator.


Churlita said...

Where is that? That's a really cool photo.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I came by your site via Churlish Figure and love your "Currently Reading" margin section. So much I may just steal it and try it out on my site - with your permission and credit given of course. Would you mind??

Dexter said...

Somewhere near West exit up maybe?

Of couse you may. I doubt I am the first to use it like that.The only setback is that you can't keep track of what you were reading over time.