Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentine's Day

The Kimono

When I returned from lovers' lane
My hair was white as snow.
Joy, incomprehension, pain
I'd seen like seasons come and go.
How I got home again
Frozen half dead, perhaps you know.

You hide a smile and quote a text:
Desires ungratified
Persist from one life to the next.
Hearths we strip ourselves beside
Long, long ago were x'd
On blueprints of "consuming pride."

Times out of mind, the bubble-gleam
To our charred level drew
April back. A sudden beam . . .
--Keep talking while I change into
The pattern of a stream
Bordered with rushes white on blue.

James Merrill


Churlita said...

Happy birthday! The Dublin sounds like it will be rockin' this weekend. Laura B. said she'd be down on Saturday.

Dexter said...

I will have a bail bondsman on hand. Have fun this weekend; handguns inevitably add a soupcon of civility to the dinner table.

Dexter said...

And thank you... 41 really has no feel to it...

Dexter said...

FYI.... James Merrill lived in Stonington,Conn....which is an exquisite seaside town situated next to its brasher sister, Mystic of the pizza fame.