Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cat Power

As the glacier retreats from Iowa City leaving a moraine of salt and many decimated roads I long for the frenzy of March Madness and the opening day of Major League Baseball (Red Sox on ESPN today at lunchtime hmmm) as the true first signs of Spring. In the meantime I jam out at my desk or read about Russian poets in San Diego.

Check out the amazing live recordings of Cat Power over at Aquarium Drunkard. It is another edition of The Black Session from French radio’s France Inter. Most of the songs are from her latest covers record, Jukebox, but I think my favorite is her original song "Song to Bobby". I initially thought it was a song by Bob Dylan instead of perhaps the tribute to him that it may be. Anyway these Black Sessions are cool. I have an older one of The Eels where I thought the mood was enhanced by the French DJ introducing the songs. I had no idea what he was saying but how chic it felt. The link below is to the original album version of the song. Compare it to the live one over at AD. There is a lot of energy in the live show.

"Song to Bobby" - Cat Power

UPDATE/Correction. - It was supposed to be Song "to" Bobby not "for" him. Excuse the prepositional lapse. Here is a song by written by Dylan she did cover.

"I Believe in You" - Cat Power


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Churlita said...

I almost feel like I should leave you a spam comment in ESL too now. Just to keep that ball rolling.

My favorite sign of Spring is that loamy smell in the air that reminds me of being at track practice in high school.

dexter said...

I am afraid to visit his website while I am at work. At least I got a hug.