Monday, November 03, 2008

One of Saturn's moons, Enceladus. (Photo from NASA site. More at Boston Globe here.)

I wish I had my camera with me to capture how perfect it is outside today here in Iowa City. There are long lines here at the library lobby for the early voting stations. This along with the weather seem to bode well for Election Day tomorrow. (Knock on wood.)

I finished Tony Horwitz's book this morning and again still highly recommend it. Check out the website for the book. He also includes a thorough section on notes and an extensive bibliography for further reading. American Journeys is one of the online sites he mentions as one of the best compilations by and about explorers.

I am off to find another book and head outdoors.


Churlita said...

I hate you just a little bit after reading this. I'm missing all this beautiful weather while I'm busy rotting away in my cubicle. It was almost dark when I got off work yesterday.

Dexter said...

I will try not to gloat too much in the future.