Sunday, November 20, 2005

Grant Wood

Went up to Cedar Rapids, IA yesterday to see the Grant Wood exhibit. Apart from the obligatory American Gothic there was a range of works gathered from museums around the country. My favorite apart from the paintings of Stone City and Weem's Fable of George Washington was a stained glass window from the Iowa Veterans Memorial.


Ondine said...

I don't think Grant Wood painted his regional works. I think he designed them, and told someone else what he wanted, but I do not think he did the painting. The style requires a master of brush stroke that just isn't evidenced in his earlier work. (And there isn't a transition of style within his ouevre.)

Ondine said...

That should have been mastery. (Damn this not being able to go back and edit!)

Dexter said...

It does seem like he abandoned an earlier style. But having someone else paint for him would be hard to keep secret I would think.