Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My First Literary Crush

"When I finally caught up with Abraham Trahearne, he was drinking beer with an alcoholic bulldog named Fireball Roberts in a ramshackle joint outside of Sonoma, California, drinking the heart right out of a fine spring afternoon." - James Crumley, The Last Good Kiss

Slate has decent article on certain celebrities most loved book from college. I was pleased to note some of my favorite writers/mentors including Bill Simmons (ESPN's Sports' Guy) and Harold Bloom (Yale's Shakespeare Guy). The most surprising choice was Paris Hilton selecting The Bell Jar. Just kidding. My own choice would be the above quoted Crumley. I will explain why at a later time. Please post your choice as a comment.

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Sal Paradise said...

On The Road, despite what that effitte snob Truman Capote has to say about it.