Monday, July 17, 2006

A poem and two photos


The coin of our pleasure,
Its obverse face
Minted in high relief --

And its reverse?
The same type incuse, stamped
By the punch of taboo.

Robert Wells

S. had some good shots of Millenium Park on her camera. I finally picked up the film today.

Interesting feature on one of the matched 50' towers of Crown Fountain. Apparently the artist gathered a collection of a 1000 faces from a cross section of Chicago residents that are used in rotation as a modern version of the classic gargoyle.

Poem is one being retired from Poetry Daily archive this week...


scruffylooking said...

Those are some awesome pics. Good job S. And thanks both of you for stopping by at my birthday bash. Even with a migraine, it was fun.

Dexter said...

Sorry to read about migraine...

scruffylooking said...

Yeah, I've had them forever. Thank god for meds.