Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Weekend in Review

Took a trip up to Sioux City on Saturday. The Sgt. Floyd Monument we drove by is in memory of the only member of the Lewis & Clark party who died on the trip, apparently of an appendicitis. It also is the furthest west I have been in the state of Iowa since moving here almost seven years ago this summer. I have wanted to follow the route of the explorers since reading Blue Highways by William Least-Heat Moon. In it he refers to the the DeVoto edition of the travel diaries which led me to pick that up. I always like travelogues that include the books that the authors bring along. In the Ireland book by McCarthy which I am finishing up he has a copy of Thackeray's travels through the Emerald Isle along to read and compare. Paul Theroux also does this. It leads to more of what Least-Heat Moon would call a 'deep map' of your trip. We also adopted a couple of as yet unnamed kittens on Monday. Not sure which is fraught with more potential peril, the cats or a night on the town in Sioux City.


scruffylooking said...

Did you go to Sioux City because of Lewis and Clark or is S. from there?

Dexter said...

neither really...details best related over wine. Sorry we missed you guys out and about on Monday.

dolittle said...

Seven years ago!! Did you say you moved to Iowa City seven years ago!!

And how many times have you come back east? Would that be once!!

Shame on you Dex, SHAME!!

Dexter said...

well twice if you count Smooch's wedding and the trip last April. And both times I somehow managed to fit in a rendevous with all of you Uconn misfits in Hartford area. You guys should be coming out here to the Athens of the Midwest (which I know you did once but only with promise of time in chicago)