Friday, June 30, 2006

Middle Western Exposure

(Photo from Spudart's site
Another exhibit from CCC were artist John Kearney's metal sculptures. My picture of the Cadillac Venus is too blurry and there was a smaller version of the moose above too. It also gave the Michigan Avenue address of the moose. What you can't see is the anatomically correct metal pizzle of the noble beast. As we passed by a father was attempting to herd his three young daughters into a photo op with the moose. The youngest one about 4 years old then proceeded to hang on to the penis and inquire loudly enough for several dozen passerbys to hear "Daddy, What is this?"
I just hope this is the harried father's only witnessing of his youngest holding onto a metal dong with both hands.


scruffylooking said...

Oh, what a heartwarming tale!

Once when Coady was little, we took her to the Brookfield Zoo and when we went through the ape house, she said loudly, "Look Mommy, that monkey's touching his penis a lot!" Remind me again why we're supposed to tell kids the correct scientific names for their privates.

Spudart said...

hoooray for the metal moose. Thanks for posting the link credit to my photo. :-) (i'm the dude behind

dexter said...

You're welcome...Thanks for the photo.