Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chicago Cultural Center

Nick Cave's Sound Suits

Last Saturday rising at the crack of 10 due to time spent in after hours bars drinking $6 dollar vodkas (Not bad actually considering the $5 beers at show which were a bargain as it appears that all draft beers in Chicago are a half-sawbuck) we checked out of the hostel and got our key deposit back (2 beers).

The plans called for some cheap activities to make up for the excesses of the evening. So we stowed bags in car and hoofed it to the nearest CTA stop and headed downtown to investigate Millennium Park. (A nice pdf map of park here.)
After touring the park, hot and envious of children playing in the Crown Fountain, and watching S. take some photos (still need to finish that roll so they can be posted) we grabbed some, at least in my case, atrociously sweetened tart unidentifiable red fruit lemonade and walked by and then, noticing it was free admission, into the Chicago Cultural Center. I recommend it as the building is grand and cool and the exhibits we saw were worth checking out. Did I mention it was free?

The above photo is a series of shamanistic suits made of mostly found materials by artist Nick Cave (not the murder balladeer who hangs out with the Bad Seeds as I first thought). They reminded me of a favorite book in a series I devoured in my youth. The book was The Mystery of the Dancing Devil and was part of the Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators series. In fact I need to start looking for them again in case I missed some near the end. I liked them better than the ageless Hardy Boys because of the continuity between novels, the California setting with secret hidden headquarters in a junkyard and of course the ultimate meeting with Hitch to wrap up the case and fill out the loose ends.


El Duderino said...

Did you eat pancreas too Ferris?

Dexter said...

I am milking this trip for rest of the week. Cubs were out of town.