Monday, June 26, 2006

The downtown view of Chicago from our room at the Arlington House, an international hostel in Lincoln Park area. It was a bargain for 75 bucks a night with private bath but a real no-frills with two single beds no phone or tv. Still it was less than a third of what we paid for a night up the street at Days Inn on last trip here.

We saw Calexico at the Metro. Can't say enough about these guys. Gotta love the horns. It was a very good show made even better by solid opening act performance of Broken Social Scene guitarist, Jason Collett. Only down side was a few too many idiots more into talking than listening. Highlight was during encore with both bands on stage, about 12 people, doing a cover of Dylan's Gotta Serve Somebody.


scruffylooking said...

Did you guys feel like you were living in The Dick Van Dyke show sleeping in those 2 single beds?

My friend Sarah's friend, Edith Frost played a few shows with Calexico for a while last year when her new album first came out. I really like them too.

Dexter said...

Very much like the Petrie's bedroom. Will post pic soon.

I will have to listen to some Edith Frost.