Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"She's gone to get some records by the Status Quo"

Wrestling with blogger again today... CVB doing cover of Pictures of Matchstick Men one of my favorites but I have a 'thing' for covers. Actually, I have another version by Angry Samoans which is more enteraining because they are so obnoxius and drunk they play it twice.


scruffylooking said...

That is so weird. It was almost exactly 20 years ago today that my boyfriend turned 21 (6/11/86) and could go to bars. he went to a club and came back all spastic about this band Camper Van Beethoven he had seen somewhere South of Market(?).I was so bummed because I wouldn't turn 21 until July and had to wait to see them.

Dexter said...

I rememeber a friend getting me into them in the Army after watching the video for Joe Stalin's Cadillac on MTV's 120 minutes circa '87. I never got to see them until their recent reunion tour with Cracker and I do recommmend heartily the album New Roman Times from last year. The Cracker duo played the song Might Makes Right at The Mill when they were there. CVB/Cracker mostly hail from Redlands, CA where coincidently my grandparents met while attending college.