Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I found this guy in the pool. I fished (or mothed) him out of the pool after the shot as he was heading towards the pool filter despite his best butterfly stroke. I wish I could have taken a better close up because he really reminded me of Mothra. If you click on the pic you can zoom in.

I am taking a dinner break before I return to work and watching the Red Sox and Matsuzaka work his way out of jam in the 2nd inning against the Mariners. Sox down 1-0. I was watching highlights of the home opener and they celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Impossible Dream Team, the 1967 Red Sox who almost surprised the Cardinals in the World Series. The heart attack kids made famous in that other Updike essay about the Sox.

I have only been to one major league Opening Day game but it was at Fenway in 1997. I can't recall who won the game but I do recall it was a great time and I still have the baseball they handed out. This the year of Nomar but also Heathcliff Slocumb. (I just looked it up on the amazing Baseball Almanac. The Sox lost 5-3 to Randy Johnson and it was also on 4/11 and also against Seattle.) Johnson is now back in Arizona I would love to see him pitch again.


El Duderino said...

Hey thats a Spinx Moth!

Churlita said...

Cool moth. do they still have Japanese beetles down in Arizona? I remember one 4th of July when a beetle flew in our car window and latched onto my sister's arm. I was terrified of them.

Dexter said...

I haven't seen any. The last time I was in Pennsylvania there was an infestation and my friends were buying sex traps for Japanese beetles. You would think this would be like one or two girl beetles in Britney Spears Ohh Baby school uniforms but it was just a bag with some scent attached.