Saturday, April 07, 2007

Signs of the Apocalypse?

I had K. sign me up for the Oprah book club while I was telling her about being surprised by Oprah's latest selection. Surprised is an understatement. I signed up chiefly so I could find out when Oprah will have an exclusive interview with Cormac McCarthy. And also to read about tidbits such as the following from the website: "Is The Road a cautionary tale of the all-too-near future? Could such a disaster happen to us? Coming soon."

This will be epic. In other news No Country For Old Men directed by Coen brothers will be released Aug 2nd. It has to be better then 300. I think the film rights to The Road have been sold but I couldn't find any details about who is involved.

UPDATE: I just found something from the Oprah site which K. had read to me over the phone.

"Have you read Cormac McCarthy's The Road? What do you think happened to the earth? How long could you "carry the fire"? How far would you go to protect your child? See what others have to say about this mind-blowing novel."

'How far would you go to protect your child?' What kind of question is that? Until they kept whining about starving to death? Until a mindless army of cannibals was approaching and then I would throw him to them in order to facilitate my own escape? The unintentional comedy scale is going to be off the charts. I would say more but I do not want to spoil this amazing book for anyone that has not read it yet. And if you haven't now is the perfect time to pick up a trade paper copy with the Oprah seal of literature on it.

I am not trying to sound like a book snob. Well okay maybe a little since I am one. "It's not what your like it's what you like" of the Rob Gordon school of thought and all that. I do appreciate what Oprah has done for reading. Her choosing such niche writers as Rohinton Mistry (whose A Fine Balance selection was overshadowed by the Franzen fracas) and introducing millions of readers to classic authors they might have been afraid to try on their own more than makes up for fiascoes like James Frey and a preponderance of "issue" books. I have forgotten some of the really good choices she has made and I think she has come to understand the power she has and the responsibility that goes with it.


Churlita said...

Yeah, I just don't see how she'll do McMarthy without it being unintentionally funny. I could be wrong, though...

Rachel Ondine Jorgensen said...

I almost bought the Oprah paperback at the BWI airport on my way home...and just couldn't do it. But, I agree, it was an interesting choice, and I was surprised by it. I think the discussion will be very interesting considering her core audience is soccer moms, who, in my opinion, take their children a bit too seriously. As well, McCarthy's treatment of women in his novels can lead to some pretty interesting discussion. Or the question just might be "women? what women?"

El Duderino said...

Rachel brings up an interesting point, the women in the road are either suicides or cannibals. I'd guess at what Oprah's up to, but I have no clue being more of a Jerry Springer sort of guy.
I suspect links will be made to Morrison's Beloved, but who knows. I can tell you as a parent who is pretty damned far from a soccer mom, without being on any gov. watch list, The Road was a tough read. You keep thinking the hell McCarthy describes is not so far fetched and the relative heaven we enjoy everyday is not all the permanent.

Dexter said...

I know McCarthy's lack of female 'leads' for lack of a better word, will be discussed. But why does no one discuss the the strength or depth of the male characters in an Alice Walker novel or in such books as the Ya Ya Sisterhood...perhaps because they were not germane to the story.

Early Cormac novels did have characters that are women...but i did find myself noting that in the course of the narrative.

P.S. It was 90 degrees today and I was drinking Pina Coladas in the foothills of the Catalinas and I might be slightly full of crap...and rum. Plus the South Park Easter show is killing me. In a good way.

Dexter said...

...I find myself not noticing the sex during the course of the narrative... sorry for the confusion....i was still watching the South Park Easter show....

Dexter said...

Again I meant that I did notice the sex...but not necessarily the difference in the authors treatment...ok...i am now going to bed....I promise....three six mafia are now on tv....with mencia...its late....

Dexter said...

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