Thursday, April 12, 2007

why must itself up every of a park

why must itself up every of a park
anus stick some quote statue unquote to
prove that a hero equals any jerk
who was afraid to dare to answer "no"?
quote citizens unquote might otherwise
forget(to err is human;to forgive
divine)that if the quote state unquote says
"kill" killing is an act of christian love.
"Nothing" in 1944 AD
"can stand against the argument of mil
itary necessity"(generalissimo e)
and echo answers "there is no appeal
from reason"(freud)--you pays your money and
you doesn't take your choice. Ain't freedom grand

E. E. Cummings

Cummings and Vonnegut, veterans and POWs, who both experienced the absurdities of war and took a decided approach against such matters after. Neither one would be considered pacifists but anti-war for sure and they earned the right to speak against. I first read both of these writers while in the Army. (This was of course before I was required to enter a theatre of combat operations and the operative word must still "combat" simply because people died for real and not "theatre" despite the cast of clowns in charge. I swear I mean that.)

I put this poem up in memory of Vonnegut and his stand against stupidity. He used to live in Iowa City. Although I am uncertain of precisely where the famed Vonnegut House is.


Churlita said...

It's off of Brown Steet. I went to many a May Day party there. Too bad I don't remember much about any of them. They were so crazy back in the day.

Dexter said...

Okay I think I remember someone pointing it out to me. Thanks. I heard his daughter had some problems in Iowa City and also his son Mark wrote one of the better books I read for a pysch class Eden Express dealing with his mental illness and breakdown. A topic his father addresses in a some of his books. Hocus Pocus is the first one that comes to mind.