Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Now Playing

I have been listening to this all morning. It is worth hearing. A couple of new and some older songs are on their myspace page.

I also picked up the Stax 50th Anniversary compilation from Record Collector (who are apparently relocating to Linn St.) which was a bargain at under $20. The Stax Blog is streaming songs from the double cd including Booker T, Staple Singers, Otis Redding, and Isaac Hayes, etc...

Summer (To Be) Reading List (so far):

Up in Honey's Room by Elmore Leonard (This is a sequel to The Hot Kid. )

Hurricane Punch by Tim Dorsey (Way over the top series that is pure fun to read. Crime fiction on acid with serial killer Serge A. Storms as the hero. This is the 7th or 8th in a series.)

Salty by Mark Haskell Smith ( I just started this one. I enjoyed his last two Moist and Delicious, perfect beach entertainment.)

Truck: A Love Story by Michael Perry (A birthday gift I still have not gotten around to yet. It is the first one to be queued up after returning library books. Excerpt here.)

I am attempting to make an effort (concerted or not) to reduce the stack of acquired books that are piling up around the house at an alarming rate. It is difficult as I keep adding to the stacks. I stopped by the Bookend yesterday and was fortunate just to leave with only a Peter De Vries novel I Hear America Swinging (hardback edition and set in Iowa so a must buy) and a paperback version of Confederacy of Dunces. They were charging 3 bucks for all you could fit in a plastic grocery bag because they too were in the process of relocating. I could have easily filled one up but did not. Yes, I do realize bibliomania is a disease.


Trevor said...

[Boxer] is worth hearing.

That's an understatement.

tim said...

Regarding bibliomania: I assume you are familiar with www.librarything.com; if not, you should check it out.

Churlita said...

The Record Collector is moving again? Where on Linn Street?

Dexter said...

Not sure about the new digs for RC...Will check out the library thing...thanks.

THe more I listen to the new National the more I like it. I have an mp3 copy of the their previous album Alligator which caugh my ear because of the catchy single,Mr. November. This new album is more cohesive. I might have a chance to see them in Ohio in a couple of weeks.