Friday, June 15, 2007

"Please Be Patient With Me"

View from our room in the Holiday Inn (Rock Island). It's always fun to cross the Mississippi several times in one day.

I liked the Stroh's sign.

I am not sure if Mr. Xu's style is as renowned as he seems to think it is.

The Wilco show on Wednesday in Davenport rocked but it was a little puzzling. Apparently all shows at the Adler Theater must end by 10:30 pm on the dot. There is some kind of curfew in the vicinity of theater as cops were dispersing the crowd immediately upon exiting from the building. Anyway, there was to a slight delay during final encore because of a fight breaking out so the show seemed a bit truncated. A minor bump in an otherwise kick ass performance. I will be looking forward to trying to see them again when they head back this way.

I will try and update more on the midweek Quad Cities extravaganza. I almost forgot about the Richard Thompson show at the Englert on Tuesday. (Watching and listening to Thompson play guitar with the full band was chilling. He is that good.) His new album, Sweet Warrior, is available.


Churlita said...

I am very jealous of you right now.

dolittle said...

Six days and counting til Wilco and me meet again.

I'll fill you in on any abrupt closings.