Monday, June 11, 2007

One of the surviving roses from the bushes next to our house.

Nothing too exciting this weekend some general housecleaning, grocery shopping, and lawn maintenance turned comedy of errors as I yanked out the starter cord and tried to get as much grass cut as possible before the engine died.

Finished Salty this weekend. It wasn't bad but the Thailand setting made me want to read some more of John Burdett's Bangkok series. The third and latest featuring police detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep is Bangkok Haunts and is the latest addition to my Summer Reading list. I am on the library hold list for it. So if you have it checked out please read faster. I would like to take it on the road with me.

I am preparing for another extended road trip to Ohio leaving this Saturday for almost a week with two days at home followed by a brief and out of the way stopover in New Mexico for four days then straight to Atlanta for three weeks. I will be ready for a break or a breakdown when I return.

Looking forward to Richard Thompson tomorrow night followed by Wednesday night with the incomparable Wilco in Davenport. When it rains it pours. Feast or famine. All that stuff.


Churlita said...

Good God, man but you're busy. That would stress me out so much.

dolittle said...

every time I go to your blog I think I accidentally went to churlita - thanks to the flower photo. Of course I will go to churlita eventually but thanks to my OCD I read them in the same order EVERY time - and to read hers before yours would be disaster.


Dexter said...

Mine is more of an appetizer...the good stuff is over at hers. :)

dolittle said...

Truth be told - I save the more reliable posters for last!