Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drive By Truckers w/ Ryan Bingham

DBT at the Englert last Thursday. It was technically an acoustic set but it was as raucous a set as they have been in the past. The only difference is they were sitting down. According to the program Spooner Oldham was supposed to have joined the band but I guess he couldn't make the Iowa show. He was replaced by Jack Daniels apparently.

The headliners played a new song, "Opening Act", from their upcoming album but the opener for the evening was the very talented Ryan Bingham and his band the Dead Horses.

Churlita covered the show well enough that I don't need to add much. She left out the part where she charged the stage and was wrestling the bottle of JD out of Patterson's hand during the final encore.

I first heard of the Drive By Truckers when their album Decoration Day came out. So for me while the show was very good I did miss Jason Isbell and his songs. That said I am still very much looking forward to new DBT album in January, tentatively titled Brighter Than Creation's Dark.

Last week I watched the film version Alan Bennett's play, The History Boys. I highly recommend it. I also caught the NPR story on his novella pictured at right, The Uncommon Reader. Both are very funny. Running out of time here at the library so I must close for now. More tomorrow.


Churlita said...

Hey, a girl gets thirsty after rushing the stage.

Dexter said...

One of the strangest crowds ever to grace the Englert I am sure.