Monday, October 01, 2007

"...what calls back the past, like the rich Pumpkin pie?"

We picked up these pumpkins while shopping for rocks. I needed some rocks to put into plants that are going to be moved indoors soon. The rocks are to prevent the felines for digging in the dirt. My ficus barely survived last winters campaign of daily assaults by these nocturnal marauders. The pencil cactus was not so fortunate and did survive its wounds.

Tonight we are heading to see Ryan Adams on campus thanks to the generosity of friends. Crossing my fingers as to which of his many personalities will show up. I was just told that he had a meltdown at a recent performance. At least he should be sober.


Churlita said...

Lucky you guys. I'd love to see him. I just don't have the dough.

dolittle said...

I hope you asked him to play "Summer of 69'"

Apparently these things enrage him!

Dexter said...

Yeah I wasnt going to risk getting tossed out. It was the strangest show I have seen except for maybe the cello band Rasputina. There was a statement made before the show that the band did not take requests and that any songs shouted out as requests would be deleted from their playlist. A dick move indeed but the show was entertaining as was Ryan and his band.