Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Smart Car?

We drove by this on the way out to the disc golf course the other day and stopped to take a look. It is a Mercedes Smart Car but for $25,000 I think I want my Mercedes to be a little more substantial. That is unless it runs on water or gets 100 miles to the gallon (gasoline).

I have been watching little else but baseball playoffs the past couple of days. Happy for the Red Sox so far but I realize there is a long way to go. Sad for the Cubs as I thought they would do much better against the Diamondbacks although I know Ju Che Child is happy for his home team. As is Red State Librarian whom I imagine is rooting for the Indians against the Yankees since his beloved Reds did not quite make the playoffs. I doubt the Yankees will go quietly in this series and I am hoping the Cubs rally. The Rockies have to be the sentimental favorite and no one wants to face a team this hot. I love baseball in October. Go Sox!


Churlita said...

I have issues with the Yankees. I spend every year being sad for the Cubs, and I still root for any Arizona team. Oh, and I'm happy for you about the Red Sox. My one ex that you know is a big Red Sox fan too.

El Duderino said...

The Sox have swept the hapless Angels. Trot Nixon Just booted one in the outfield letting the EE back into it. I suppose it doesn't matter who face next week, I just prefer to see the Yankees lose sooner rather than later.
They had a bunch of these Smart cars here in West Hartford center a few weeks back, I gotta say I'm not that impressed. A Citroen 2cv is bigger, better proven and gets better mileage and you can buy five of them for $25,000.00.

Juche Child said...

How about that NL West! What were Vegas odds on Dbacks v Rockies in the NLCS on April 1? Makes it especially fun since both teams are on small payroll ($50 mil).

Dexter said...

Part of me wants the Sox to beat the Yankees if they go to the World Series and part of me doesnt. Either way I am rooting for the Indian Yankee series to go 5 games.