Monday, December 17, 2007

The Coldest Winter

I had a laptop accident. This sounds completely made up but one of the cats knocked the laptop off of the coffee table and it landed squarely on the wireless network card. So until I get my new card to work (Windows 98 challenges etc.) I am back to using the library or catch as catch can. Anyhow, I found the video clip over at Powell's Books. I ganked this holiday song from the I Am Fuel music blog which was in turn ganked from Coldplay website. Seems like if they made a video for this version of the Pretenders song it would have to include Zach Braff.

"2000 Miles" - Coldplay


El Duderino said...

I had the same thing happen here, only it was a kid who knocked my old laptop off an ottoman. The card was fine, it just got pushed in where it severed the connections to the touch pad and of course its own. If you need a a wireless card, let me know I have a few floating around here somewhere.

Dexter said...

i bought one but am having problems getting it to work.