Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"The Door into Summer"

No Boat by Christoph Vandewiele

Wired has had several photo contests recently. This is one of their Top 10 summer photo ones as chosen by the editors (I assume it could be a group of monkeys for all I know). There was also a reader's poll version. They just started a new theme one about squares and are still taking submissions.

I had very good time at friend's wedding this weekend and I will upload some photos when I get a chance too. The title of this post is from a novel by Robert Heinlein in which the protagonist's cat makes his owner open up every door in the house during winter to try and find the door that leads into summer. For me the door into summer this year is this song:

Five Years Time-Noah and The Whale



Churlita said...

awesome Summer song. Do you download your pics onto your computer at work? I think I'd ascairt to do that.

Dexter said...

No...i need to take camera elsewhere like the library...no internet at home.

Dexter said...

I heard my song of summer in Saturn commercial this morning. Bummer. It still rocks.