Friday, June 06, 2008

"...Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, Of cabbages and kings..."

My goal this weekend in addition to making a summer book reading post is to try and make this dish. That is only if I can find some decent cherry tomatoes at the Farmer's market although I fear it is too early in the season. I can always improvise. The Pesto Bread side is a must for soaking up the clam juices.

I know a ton of people have covered this song but I like the keyboards on this. Enjoy the weekend. My book post

Love Song- Death Cab for Cutie (Cure cover)


Ripe Aplomb said...

Yum. You just made me crave seafood - specifically, lobster ravioli from that place in NL on the Thames (Paul's, I think?)

Did you see where Grant Achatz won the James Beard Fdn's Outstanding Chef award tonight? After reading about him in the New Yorker recently, I'm glad he has reason to celebrate.

Dexter said...

Pauls is correct, have not thought about that place in a while. Glad to hear about Achatz, that was a good article in NY. I just reread this post and it reads as if i was shot after i began the last sentence.