Sunday, March 18, 2007

Patience & Fortitude

Hopper striking a Bob Roberts pose and Iggy a slightly more relaxed one.

I am leaving town tomorrow morning so one more cup of coffee and a cat picture before I go. We had a mellow mellow St. Patrick's Day yesterday just a few pints and some corned beef and cabbage. We rented Borat which I felt did have its funny moments but I still thought overall was the film was just okay. I think the half-life of this film is about 2 years before we see it again and wonder what all the fuss was about. In fact it felt a bit dated already after all of the hype, lawsuits etc... I have to give Sacha Baron Cohen credit as he does know how to make an audience cringe. The next post will be from Arizona.
P.S. I also have to mention that after watching 300, even with my diminished expectations, it was still disappointing. Who knew the Persian ruler Xerxes also could have doubled for a really tall version of the transvestite in The Crying Game? Also some of the scenes were reminiscent of the Castro district in San Fran on a Saturday night in the late '80s. It just needed a techno-dance soundtrack to complete the scene. The movie was beyond campy plus it directly ripped off Lord of the Rings a couple of times. Wait for the video (game).


Churlita said...

You know that your description of 300 only makes me want to see it more now, don't you?

I would love to go to Arizona right now. Let me know if the orange trees are blooming when you get there.

Dexter said...

I think you would enjoy those well honed abs on the big screen. Plus the dialgoue is erudite, witty, and reminsicent of Mamet at his best. Just kidding. There are a lot of well honed abs though.

So far its bloomin hot down here but have not had time to look around.

El Duderino said...

I defer to Castro Street and soundtrack expertise. Did you think the film was pro war?
I bet 300 will spawn a host of imitations, mostly because it was cheap to make and is raking in the cash.

dolittle said...

"one more cup of coffee and a cat picture before I go"

- isn't that from a Dylan song?

-miss do

Dexter said...

I agree that there will be a slew of imitators but this was I think a direct result of Rodriquez's Sin City efforts and success. 3oo showed you could dumb it down and make even more money without spending anything on actors or a script.

I don't think its necesarily pro-war at all. But like the author of Jarhead pointed out even the anti-war messages of movies like Apocalypse Now are moot.Its still war porn.

In the case of 300 its gay war porn. Or as South Park pointed out maybe its bi-curious.

As for the Castro...San Fran is a Navy town...we were just along for the ride.