Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of March

"Some days I feel like Janet Leigh"

Some days I feel like Janet Leigh in Touch of Evil —
I wake up, sunny and blond, but by the time midnight
rolls around I've been hijacked by Akim Tamiroff's
greasy thugs, shot up with heroin, framed for murder,
and I'm out cold in a border town jail. I didn't kill
Akim, of course, it was Hank Quinlan — drunk, overweight
Orson Welles — who for thirty-odd years as sheriff
has been framing creeps for crimes they maybe did. Enter
Mike Vargas, tall handsome Mexican cop — Charlton
Heston with a weird little mustache and a dark tan
from a can. "You don't talk like a Mexican," Welles
says to Heston, which speaks to me, because talking
like a Mexican could solve any number of roadside hells
I am currently running away from — well, walking.

Barbara Hamby
Five Points
Volume 9, Number 3

Yes, I know another poem but Hamby is always worthwhile and it is being retired from the Poetry Daily archive.

I just finished up a mini-project for work and I am running around trying to prepare for a return to Tucson for a month long assignment. I need to make sure I have all things done that are supposed to get done plus we are working on a mini Spring cleaning. A cold has slowed me down since last weekend's debate (probably where I caught the cold). First things first though, today I think I will catch a matinee of 300. I can get some more stuff done tomorrow. The cats are getting there nails done.

Just finished reading Kate Atkinson's Case Histories which I enjoyed quiet a bit and have just checked out the sequel from library. I first ran across her by accident picking up a copy of her Emotionally Weird at used bookstore because of the cover and then reading the jacket. I have read that one at least twice and recommend all of her books. Other than that I am still plowing through Ross Macdonald. I think I am up to the 13th book in the Lew Archer series and they continue to get stronger. Quick reads but I have to find most of them through inter-library loans which takes time.

Last night saw Casino Royale (Daniel Craig not David Niven)...I like the idea of starting a new Bond from scratch and look forward to the next chapter. I enjoyed Craig in Layer Cake more though with a bit more action. The Bond film had some extended quiet longueurs while building up the romance angle. Off to the post office.

Coming Soon: Cat Pictures!


Churlita said...

So, you liked Layer Cake then? I keep thinking about watching, but then I never do.

dolittle said...

Please tell me that having their "nails done" is not a euphemism for the fact that you are having them declawed!

And Churlita - see Layer Cake - good stuff.

miss do

Dexter said...

No declawing. Just had them trimmed for the first time. Wanted to see how they did it before attempting.

I really enjoyed Layer Cake except for one part which I can't mention as a spoiler. And Layer Cake follows the E.U. law that all movies made in Great Britain must feature Colm Meaney in either a supporting or lead role.