Friday, May 25, 2007

I am in desperate need of a beach...

Lake Macbride near the wedding we attended last weekend.

Beach near Sugar Bottom disc golf course. We played a round after the reception.


The pepper tree spilled round us from its source,
and took a lumpish this-way, that-way course,
while dangling hopeful sprays of cinnabar.
You couldn't rest against the grizzled trunk;
its bulby hump, its knurled and craggy scar,
forced you to lean your weight on me instead.
The two of us were just a little drunk,
and sipped the sun-warmed wine to make us bold.

"I'd like to go to Mexico," you said,
"with you, someday, before we're too damn old,"
while in the sky an airplane's vapor trail
politely licked its seal across the sun.
We watched the growing, tantalizing tail,
until it matter-of-factly came undone.

Leslie Monsour
The Alarming Beauty of the Sky
Red Hen Press

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