Thursday, May 31, 2007

"One more cup of coffee 'fore I go..."

Here are some shots from last weekend. This is the main Plaza in Santa Fe. It's like the Ped Mall in Iowa City except the backpacking/loitering set are sporting L.L. Bean and Prada. (I must say I am really enjoying Blogger's new autosave feature usually with a lot of photos I would lose a post like this about four times before it finally posted correctly. What it needs next is a grammar/sentence formation wizard to make up for a lack of close proofreading prior to publishing.)

The Cathedral Church of San Francis of Assisi. Comparatively modern to some of the churches around this state that were built in the 16th century but still impressive.

This was recently converted to a cultural center. I include it here because of the marquee. As you can see by the lineup for this upcoming Saturday June 2nd, this could very well be the last place on earth you will find my friend, El Duderino.

Santa Fe is overloaded with galleries. I really enjoyed the Wyeth family gallery but if I was going to spend several thousand dollars on a single piece of art it would have to be here at Chuck Jones' place first. He is missed.

I spent my last Sunday night in New Mexico on the outskirts of Santa Fe and due to some left over blue laws all the bars closed around midnight so I was in bed fairly early. The next morning after the Band of Brothers mini marathon, another walk around the plaza area, and some lunch I headed back to Albuquerque. I tool the scenic route home behind the Sandia Mt's down Rt. 14, The Turquoise Trail. It was a beautiful drive broken up with some former ghost towns now converted to hippie arts and crafts stores and more galleries.

I finished up my project ahead of schedule yesterday but can not get a flight out of town until my scheduled one on Friday morning. In the meantime I am doing some prep work for the next couple of projects I have lined up and going to enjoy the weather at least. Next stop Iowa.


El Duderino said...

Not necessarily. If this was thirty years ago and Jane Fonda were skating around nude on a frozen Rob Reiner’s back after which James Taylor played and somebody gave me tickets, I might go. As long as nothing good was on TV.

Churlita said...

Hey, maybe we'll see you. Will you be in by this evening? It's Arts Fest and Paco is having a birthday thing for H. at the DU.