Monday, January 30, 2006

Mix Tape Redux

Apart from a few brief spurts of productivity I spent the weekend doing little else but reading and watching mindless television. Also watched two recent releases which left me feeling dissapointed as I was looking forward to seeing them but then felt that they were over-rated, over-hyped, or both. The first, Red Eye, was at least mercifully brief (75 minutes) but not even remotely scary or surprising. Waste of a decent cast. The other, The 40 Year Old Virgin, was almost excruciatingly long and seemed a bit choppy in its editing with some scenes ending abruptly, transitioning strangely or carrying on forever. I do like Steve Carell and the film did have its moments but they were overwhelmed by the mediocrity of the rest of the movie. Thus endeth the film critic portion of the show.

Tiny Mix Tapes Automatic Mix Tape Generator is a site I ran across on a music blog (see I AM FUEL link). The site takes suggestions for mixes and those deemed worthy or interesting enough are posted back up with a track listing of songs tailored to theme. The actual mixes are sometimes cool but not nearly as interesting the themes submitted. Samples of themes:

Songs for a man who woke up 30 years later only to find himself in trouble with the dutch mafia and the world of snuff films.

I am 23 and recently got my first of potentially many cats. Songs that say 'I embrace being a spinster.' Songs that say 'Is that cat urine I smell?' Songs that say 'You can never have too many cats.'

songs whose lyrics revolve around body parts that are NOT the ass.

And my current personal favorites are tied for 1st place:

I really like you but...that's not my clit, it's my thigh. A mix tape for breaking the bad news, or at least help me get a little lovin' in the right general vicinity.

Songs to celebrate my really fantastic first date that occurred on Friday the 13th and continued into Valentine’s Day but ended tragically with my date getting hauled off to jail for drunk driving and left me stranded in his BMW convertible on a cold bridge in Minneapolis.


El Duderino said...

The mix tape, a late 20th century’s substitute for the sonnet. If you never made a mix tape can you be certain you were ever in love? Semisonic has a decent song about it.
My Mix Tape would contain songs about a lover lying in bed suffering from Tuberculosis and how you want to blow her off.
1.) Van Morrison T.B. Sheets

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Dexter said...

"So Long Baby, Goodbye" - The Blasters

scruffylooking said...

As a woman, you know a guy is trying really hard to woo you when he makes a mixed tape of the songs he knows YOU would like as opposed to all the mixed tapes he gave you of the songs HE likes. That's usually the mix tape called, "he screwed up and you dumped him and the flowers he bought you for the first time in your relationship didn't work and here's his last ditch effort" tape.

Dexter said...

So I am assuming their would be an Eagles song on that mix?

Anonymous said...

Witchy Woman.