Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Splurge on the cheese or the wine but apparently it would be foolish to do so at the same meal. Some of you may have seen this already on A&L Daily in the Nota Bene section... it's a brief piece so I will post the entire article.

Vintage or vile, wine is all the same after cheese

19 January 2006
From New Scientist Print Edition

NEXT time you are organising a cheese and wine party, don't waste your money on quality wine. Cheese masks the subtle flavours that mark out a good wine, so your guests won't be able to tell that you are serving them cheap stuff.

Bernice Madrigal-Galan and Hildegarde Heymann of the University of California, Davis, presented trained wine tasters with cheap and expensive versions of four different varieties of wine. The tasters evaluated the strength of various flavours and aromas in each wine both alone and when preceded by eight different cheeses.

They found that cheese suppressed just about everything, including berry and oak flavours, sourness and astringency. Only butter aroma was enhanced by cheese, and that is probably because cheese itself contains the molecule responsible for a buttery wine aroma, Heymann says. Strong cheeses suppressed flavours more than milder cheeses, but flavours of all wines were suppressed. In other words, there are no magical wine and cheese pairings.

Heymann suggests that proteins in the cheese may bind to flavour molecules in the wine, or that fat from the cheese may coat the mouth, deadening the tasters' perception of the wines' flavours. The paper will appear online in March in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture.


Red State Librarian said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll remember it the next time that I serve Trader Joe's two-buck Chuck.

Dexter said...

Trader Joe's is another thing I will miss about not working in Ohio this Spring. Closest one is in Chicago. I might have a fly by for a few days in Columbus where I can stock up on the Columbian Sumatra Dark Roast for myself and K & J.

Red State Librarian said...

Just fly into Dayton, Dex. Trader Joe's is located two miles from my home.