Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nobel Odds

The Nobel Prize in Literature will be announced sometime next week. The odds on favorite is Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk (My Name is Red), followed closely by Syrian poet Adonis, and Polish writer/reporter Ryszard Kapuscinski. Americans Joyce Carol Oates (6-1) and Philip Roth (10-1) round out the top five.
The longshots are Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLillo, and Umberto Eco (50-1). Longer shots include Julian Barnes, Margaret Atwood, and Paul Auster at 100-1. Other notables include Thomas Pynchon (20-1), Haruki Murakami (12-1), and John Updike (40-1).
Bob Dylan is even listed as 50-1 shot but that seems a little high. Should be closer to around a 1000-1 shot I would think. But you never know what dark horse could take it. Dario Fo?

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