Friday, October 27, 2006

It's the same cactus in both shots.
Yesterday I went for a short hike at a park just north of Tucson. The Santa Catalina Mountains can be seen from my hotel room and they are impressive. Cell phone camera doesn't do it justice. These shots were taken in Catalina State Park which is located inside the Coronado National Forest. There are trails going all the way up to over 8000 ft which I may get to eventually. I took a simple loop trail of about two miles and it actually was more of a stroll than a hike but it was incredibly beautiful.
Perspective is not very good, the mountains are back quite a bit and very large.

There were some trails that went out of the park marked with signs that stated words to the effect that beyond this sign it is wilderness enter at own risk. This combined with the informational poster at the trail head noting that there are 34 species of rattlesnakes in Arizona convinced me to stay on the marked and well traversed trails. Plus I kept scaring up dove like ground birds which would explode from their cover and give me a near heart attack. I got used to it after dozen scares or so.

I also learned when looking into information about other parks and hiking trails that you should not run from a moutain lion as you may trigger its predatorial instincts to chase and attack prey. Good tip, thanks. I want to go back and check out some prehistoric Hohokam ruins that are in the park and hit the other trails. Have I mentioned that I need to get a real camera?


Churlita said...

It still looks cool, even with the cell camera.

When I was a kid, I was terrified of rattlesnakes and when we'd go hiking, an adult would have to carry me most of the way. It's so nice to live in Iowa where you don't have to worry about poisonous creatures much at all.

Dexter said...

All it takes is the sound of the rattlesnake while on a night road excercise while in a desert wash to stop a squad cold in its tracks. Did I mention I am glad I am not in the Army?

kathleen said...

don't tell me we've never had the "make yourself big" discussion regarding mountain lions.

Dexter said...

Nice qualification. No,not as it regards mountain lions. Bears...perhaps.