Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Boxing Day!

"Helmets must be worn while playing croquet during walnut season. Trust me."

I have been enjoying my time away from the all pervasive Internet but regret not putting up a Christmas message. So here it is. Merry Christmas.

I took the above shot on the way out of some Goosetown friends' house on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. It looked cool but unfortunately we did not have time for a game as we were on our way to a family dinner. I am still recovering from all the food and bottled cheer of the past four or five days.

I finished Bill Buford's Heat last night. (I had read most of it a couple of months but had to return it to libraryt before finishing last 30 pages or so) It is the best non-fiction book I read this past year (admittedly a relatively short list). Coincidentally, a radio interview was rebroadcast this morning (WBUR's On Point) while I was on the way to work. I look forward to reading his next book.

Just started Special Topics in Calamity Physics quoted on the right. It is a very compelling read and I can see why it was on a lot of people Best Of Year lists. Dave Eggers latest seems to be both horribly depressing and worth checking out at the same time.


Churlita said...

That's a cool picture. I asked for excellent books suggestions on my blog last week. What do you got for me? I still want to borrow the Band of Brothers guy autobiography from you.

Duder said...

Do they come in XXL?

Dexter said...

Sorry I missed posting on your suggestion C. The Road by C. McCarthy is the best book I read. Followed by Absurdistan.... Heat was the nonfiction book of choice. That is just of the top of my drunken head at the moment. Just left the girls at the D. And the book is yours, I will make an effort before the new year. I am borrowing someones internet right now and the background has now risen to include music where i need to stop this and intervene for the betterment of society...small and large...

Churlita said...


Happy New Year to you and S. and the kitties!...Oh, and your books. I'm sure you'd be offended if I didn't recognize your books as part of your family.