Saturday, December 02, 2006

Seems to be some issues with blogger and loading images, links, etc. There is a workaround but I am too lazy to figure it out.

I have been incessantly listening to a mix cd from Heather over at

It is eclectic gathering celebrating her one year anniversary that does a couple things I appreciate in good mix tape. First,it starts off with a kickin' song by Blackalicious but more imporantly it also introduces me to several artists that I was with and sent me looking for more of their music. Also coincidentally since I just watched this movie it has Paul Newman's song about plastic Jesus' and Madonnas on the dashboard from Cool Hand Luke. Nice touch that.

The one song I keep rewinding and playing over again is an untitled song ("I Hear Your Songs") from a forthcoming release by Leona Naess. Here is what Heather says about it:
"This new one from Leona's upcoming album is definitely her most singable, radio-friendly, and excellent sounding song in a while. With great couplet lines like "Shake these hips and let them persuade you / Take my songs - they're always about you" . . . the lyrical writing style is classic but the sound is uptempo & fresh."

You can download individual songs or the whole cd as as zip file below. If it is no longer available drop me a comment and I will burn.

I will post some updates and hopefully pictures from the Calexico show at The Rialto tonight. It is the annual holiday benefit show they put on in Tucson. Proceeds are going to Humane Borders ( and Music For America (
Thanks go out to local friends R & M for getting me a ticket to this show. Back in Iowa on Monday barring any complications such as Mexican jail or bad weather.

I almost forgot that I wanted to mention something about the wonderful variations of Pho. I had lunch at this place that used Key limes. The owner of the place was very insistent that I not add any sriracha or hoisin sauce. She kept saying "Our soup is good!" and motioned that if I wanted sauce to use a little dish and dip meat into that to keep the broth pure. She was right it was really good and I love the idea of Key limes. Perfect size.

UPDATE: Looks like its back up and running. Great Calexico show will fill in details later. I need to pack, check out and head to Phoenix.


Churlita said...

Sometimes when Blogger won't initially let me upload pictures, I "Save as Draft" and then edit and it will suddenly let me upload. I don't know why it does that. Of course, I'm still too chicken shit to switch to Beta so the process might be totally different on that.

Dexter said...

Thanks. I will try that. I recommend switching to Beta because it is only a matter of time before they will make you. All new accounts are now in Beta. It was really simple and I just copied my Template settings entirely and pasted it back and then worked with it. But the publishing speed is so worth it. And you won't lose anything that has already been published.

Churlita said...

That's what I've been worried about. I just need to copy my template settings first and then paste them. I just knew Ondine had a lot of problems getting her sidebar the way she wanted it and I have no computer skills. Thanks.

El Duderino said...

Harry Dean Stanton sang that song in the film.

Dexter said...

Harry Dean sang seveal but Newman also did a version. I have been listening to it and it definitely him singing Plastic Jesus. Google it.