Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Home at Last...

I arrived yesterday afternoon despite American Airlines and O'Hare's best efforts at delaying my return. It seems that the Cedar Rapids flight is always delayed and routinely the first one cancelled. This was just a two and half hour delay changing departure gates twice. Initially I had enough time to make the connection from Phoenix. After nearly reaching the original gate (G15) I realized I left my mp3 played on the plane. I went all the way back to that gate (H14) and they said no one had turned it in. Returning back to the American Eagle section of terminal I checked the big board and flight was still on time and would be boarding in ten mintues.

Almost at the gate, I was paged and then recieved a call from American saying that the person sitting next to me had found my mp3 player and and would give it to me at Gate K12. So I turned around lugging my carryons and quickly walked there. I gave the woman a quick thanks briefly wonderding why she had not just given it to the check in counter where we had arrived and then shuffled back towards my plane now about 10 minutes after I was supposed to board but still 20 minutes away from takeoff. I arrived at gate out of breath and realizing just exactly how out of shape I am as they promptly switched the gate to one upstairs(G18). I trudged upstairs and then noticed they had delayed the flight an hour, something still not reflected on the large board. All my rushing was for naught or at least could have been done leisurely. I gave up and went to find something to eat. Two more delays, another gate change(G20), and an hour or so of flying time later I was in Cedar Rapids. A rapid shuttle ride home and I could unwind. Strangely enough none of these delays were seemingly weather related.

So, it is good to be home except for dealing with my car. I now have to go find a new battery or have someone explain to me why a 72 month battery has lasted 25 months, exactly 1 month after the free replacement offer expired.


Churlita said...

I'm glad to hear that you're back. Don't worry, you haven't missed all the cold weather. Too bad you couldn't schedule your Arizona project in January.

Dexter said...

I wish. I think Jan will find me in Ohio...and Feb Lansing. Should guarantee some travel delays due to weather and O'Hare.