Monday, December 11, 2006

The view from Iggy

The view from Hopper


Found: in *Title Page — Used and New Books*,
Rosemont, PA, a translation by Vladimir Nabokov
of poems by Pushkin, Tyntchev and Lermentov,
published London, 1947. A snip at twenty bucks.

Given for a 50th, to "my Boris more-than-Godunov"
from Anna, "Because of Pushkin, because of love";
then again, in 1986, to "my dear Joseph
who, tomorrow, will be heading off
to Moscow. From Alex. P.S. see above".

Vona Groarke
Volume 22, Number 1 – 2005

Now that I am back home with a new camera I can promise a never ending supply of cat pictures. Poem is from Poetry Daily archives from one of the poems soon to be retired. Liimted posting on horizon due to lack of access but I will do my best to keep up the appearance of a blog.

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