Monday, January 08, 2007

Hickory Hill Park

The only direction one can face in the meadow without seeing the signs of encroaching development.

Trail map of park near Bloomington St. entrance

New cage in Hickory Hill Park

I suppose the cage thing keeps the downed tree remnants from clogging up the stream but it does look strange in the middle of a park. If there wasn't a few feet of cold water at the bottom of it I would have tried to take some shots while posing inside. We took a long walk around most of the park the weekend before last. The Trail Map is not really that helpful but it sure is sturdy.


Anonymous said...

Hey,it was great seeing you again last Sat night. I've got some burned CD's for you--Richard Thompson, great country mix. Love your blog.

Dexter said...


Churlita said...

Love the Hickory Hill shots. I've never tried to follow the map. If I ever get lost, I just head toward the cemetery.